Catalog Diesel power plants


The Spanish company - manufacturer of generating sets. Founded in 1994.




French concern producing diesel generator sets, working since 1966.




Italian holding specializing in the supply of diesel generators and other equipment. Foundation year is 1966.





Polish company, manufacturer of industrial electrical equipment and power tools. The beginning of the company's activity is year 1995.




British company, the largest manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, as well as diesel power plants. Founded in 1945 The products are manufactured in 18 factories and distributed in 150 countries of the world.




An English company, one of the leaders in the production of power generators and power supply systems. It has existed since 1976. 




The world's largest manufacturer and supplier of diesel and gas fueled generator sets. 





Turkish manufacturer and exporter of gensets fueled by gas, diesel and petrol. It has been on the market for over 26 years.






German company creating diesel and gas engines.





Swedish concern for the cars, engines and various equipment production.





One of the world's largest manufacturers of diesel engines.





One of the world leaders in the production of diesel and gas piston engines.




 Japanese company, supplier of diesel engines.



American company that manufactures agricultural, forestry and construction equipment, engines and transmissions.




The largest South Korean concern. The main areas of activity: heavy industry, construction, equipment and materials, investment business, etc. Doosan engines are distinguished by performance, reliability and durability.