Our projects



April 2014, Completed installation of workplaces at the LLC TramRus plant.



December 2013, RID specialists completed the installation of the AKSA AD 220 diesel generator

with Doosan engine for TS "Vyborg-3" (Krasny Kholm settlement, Leningrad region, Russia) 

The purpose of the project: creation of a system for restoring the power supply of the sanatorium. 
List of completed work:

- Energy audit

- Pre-design work and design

- Construction and installation work (laying the foundation and installation of a diesel generator set on it, making openings for blinds and an exhaust pipeline, installing blinds and a silencer, laying a cable in a trench with the restoration of the road surface and landscape)

Electrical installation work (cable laying from the diesel generator set to the MDB of the sanatorium, arrangement of the ground loop, assembly and installation of the automatic switchboard, re-equipment of the switchboard with the allocation of redundancy groups, connecting the diesel generator to the automatic load transfer and MDB)

Commissioning (checking with a mobile laboratory of the ground loop, checking the insulation resistance of power cable lines and control cables, connecting and commissioning a diesel generator set, changing the control panel software according to the project requirements, load testing)

All work was completed on time.



October 2013, LLC RID team carried out annual scheduled maintenance of power facilities in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

As a result of comprehensive diagnostics, components and assemblies requiring repair were identified.